Make a Christmas

Make a Christmas supports 2 veterans, 1 child, 1 family, and 1 senior each year. The JPFMF adopts needy veterans, children families, and senior citizens each year and provides them with the support they need to make this Christmas a memorable one.

We rely on the support of our community and donations from our sponsors to ensure each Make a Christmas is fulfilling for those we support. To help support Make a Christmas, donate today in person or online. You can also help support JPFMF by shopping online with Amazon Smile.

2 Veterans

Veterans sometimes report feeling lost or unappreciated in the civilian world. The JPFMF lets them know that we see them and care about them by providing them with presents, financial help, and other assistance this each Christmas.

1 Child

Children deserve a happy Christmas and to feel the magic of Santa Claus. The JPFMF helps keep the magic of Christmas alive by providing one child each year with presents such as toys, clothes, winter jackets, and other essentials.

1 Family

Family is one of the most important parts of Christmas. Each year, the JPFMF adopts one needy family to support with presents for the children, essentials for the parents, and financial support when needed to help make this Christmas less of a burden.

1 Senior

The elderly are an important part of our community. Unfortunately, seniors without family or in poor financial situations find the holidays to be a stressor. To relieve that stress, the JPFMP adopts one needy senior citizen and provides them with clothes, essentials, medical assistance, and financial assistance to make this Christmas enjoyable.

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