Group and Individual Counseling

Talking it out is a tried and true therapy method. JPFMF offers both group and individual counseling for a variety of needs. Contact us to find out more about your counseling options with JPFMF.

EAGALA equine assisted therapy

The EAGALA Model aims to allow clients to discover, learn, and grow from a horse-human relationship. It is a client-centered and solution-oriented model. It does not involve actually riding a horse, but through face-to-face interactions, clients learn to process their emotions and interact with a sympathetic face.

Trauma-informed care

JPFMF staff are certified in Trauma-Informed Care and offers services that will meet the client where they are in the process of healing. Individual private sessions and support groups are available.

Play therapy

Play therapy is structured and based heavily in research and theory about how children learn to communicate. In this setting, children are able to communicate their fears, feelings, and experiences to others in an age-appropriate way through the use of toys and play.

Children are also encouraged to develop their problem-solving skills and find age-appropriate solutions to the problems they are presented with. The most important part of play therapy is allowing children to engage in a safe space away from their stressors and problems.

During play therapy sessions, the sessions are private between the therapist and child, and the parents and caregivers are given regular feedback on the themes and meaning of the child’s play (as opposed to the actual details of the sessions.) 

Filial therapy

This is a special kind of play therapy designed to involve parents and caregivers in the process of change. With this method, parents are involved in the play sessions with their child. The child leads the session and the parents or caregivers are trained on listening to their child’s fears and concerns during the play session.

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